Remembrance & Faithfulness

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Today, on the eve of the celebration of my mother's birth, I remember her for her faithful dedication & loyalty to her husband, my father Jack & for the honesty in raising us, her children to be responsible for the actions & reactions of the choices we made in life.

Before we ever knew there were universal laws that governed & brought balance to the world we live in, before we ever heard of karma or cause & effect, our parents practised and demonstrated these truths as a part of their daily lives. We never needed a script for life except for the one that was written & engraved into the depths of our hearts and souls. Our lessons were, 'you play with fire, you can get burned!', ' you stand for what's right & true, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the demonstration that others show in having faith in you!'

How did we know these things? They came from and through the demonstration of love and trust that our parents had in us to be loyal and faithful to the people they saw in us. We weren't perfect and neither were they but they taught us that we needed to remember where we came from and to look back on how far we'd come.

I was 18 years old when my my mother passed into the next phase of her life, before she had even reached the age of 52. When I reached the age of 52 I realised just how young she had been and how many memories she had given me and how many lessons I still had to learn. Do I miss her? No not at all, apart from the days back then when I forgot she wasn't there and I made a phone call. From the very first weeks after her passing she let me know she was there with feelings & memories of the things we did and the songs we sang together and the familiar smells of her cooking and the perfume of the face cream or moisturiser she wore. Did I ever feel alone? Never! She was always there whenever I called for her. Perhaps not in the physical sense but in the spirit of comforting memories and familiar nuances and memories, my mother was faithful and she took care of us all. Did we all understand that? No! Some of us just accepted that life has a way of showing us the strength of our faith & others of us felt bereft because they missed the clues that our mother left.

She trusted us to do the right thing.......... and we needed to remember that we needed to trust her too, that she would always be there to help us to get through all the stages of our lives we need to live through. We are never alone no matter what we might think. We are never alone, there is no empty space between our mother and us. She was always there to support us in whatever way she could in this life and we all know now that she will be there to support us through thick & thin until we stand with her again.

Some say that life is just an illusion! I find that statement just causes confusion! Life for me is more about magic and imagery, about positivity and affirmation of what we already know and have, not doubt and delusion.

What I had to draw upon at 18 as a young mother, were the memories and the stories shared and left with me by my mother. When in doubt, I asked myself, what would she do? Sometimes I even asked for her help out loud ..... I call it channelling now! The answers came ,,,, sometimes right out of my own mouth.

We need to remember before we can learn how to move forward or do we just return to repeat over and over the same mistakes. I feel now, more than ever, the honesty of my mother's intent to be there for me, but also that she knows that I need to make my own mistakes and then get up & brush myself off and move on to the next lesson I need to learn. We need to trust our intuition and we need to have faith in the institution that is founded in love. We need to have faith in the system we call universal love. We need to let it flow and to grow with it just as we do when we know we can trust & remember the support and comfort of a faithful mother's love.

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