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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Amazingly, life is structured to allow us to grow and flourish if we choose to. We underestimate the amount of energy that we put into negating all the good things we want to achieve. There are many people who are able to direct the flow of energy that begins with a feeling that grows into a desire to either create or to destroy. We need to think more clearly about how we misuse the spoken word and our thoughts to breakdown and to interrupt the flow of natural positive energy. Fear of rejection is one of the main reasons that people reword their phrases, turning a positive and direct question into a statement that negates the original intention. Have you ever been told you don't want or need a cookie when you actually would like one? It's a good way to stir up feelings of disappointment and can cause people to pull away from another. That's how grudges sometimes begin.

Grudges can lead to separation and more negativity. Negative feelings disturb the natural flow of energy and these disturbances can become so irritating that some pretty irrational thinking begins and we start building barriers. Barriers for the most part are temporary measures and can often lead us into building and strengthening defense mechanisms that will block the negative feelings that cause the disturbance that leads to irritability. If we could all just take a moment to think and choose our words more carefully. No one says we have to be a doormat and lie down to be walked on and over. Nor do we need to be bombastic and bully people into doing what we want. If we could just take a moment to consider how we would feel if we were on the receiving end of our own words and thoughts. None of what I say is new to a true spiritualist and when we understand these words, 'Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable in thy sight here tonight'. Words from a song but taken from the psalms of the Bible, preached and practised by the wise throughout the centuries & perhaps the millenia that man has walked the Earth.

Think of the energy we'd all save if we put a concerted effort into collecting our thoughts, checking their validity & worth, directing them with good intent, then investing wisely by choosing our words with the same good intent and allowing them to flow freely into the hearts of our fellow men. Encouragement never hurt anyone.

Another thought for today - Think of a preacher as a man or woman who is a prayerful teacher. A prayerful teacher who reaches the hearts of those in need of spiritual direction.

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