What's Our Purpose

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

What Is Our Purpose?

After due consideration I came to see that God had given me an acronym that I could accept that gave reason to why I could call this loving, creative energy that flowed through the universe, God!

God, the Governance


Deliverance of all that I need in a name that was spelled out for me in an acronym…I liked that!

May I remind you that we are all different and we all have different needs and what I share with you are the teachings I’ve had that satisfy the need in me to have a close encounter of the loving kind with this wonderful power greater than myself that I already knew gave of itself and made life possible for me and everything in the world that I live in, and beyond. So please take from my blogs only what resonates with you and put aside for future reference anything that doesn’t. You might want to pull it out at later and review it before rejecting it.

So…. the next question I had was, what is our purpose? Why are we here? The answers came in small digestible bits that were pulled out for review from time to time. The lessons came through the lessons I learned as my knowledge and awareness of computers grew. The interactive devices that came into my hands that enhanced and increased the effectiveness of the systems I used in my work and in my private life that made the world wide web more accessible. As I became more aware of how the internet worked and how my computers, my phones & iPads allowed me to seek and find the information I needed, I also became aware that I was also giving feedback to the servers of the world wide web. The worldwide web, we know as the internet, is a networking system that works in a similar way to the gathering and feeding of information that is governed and given order and then delivered throughout the universe, by the creative and energetic life force known to me as Almighty God.

Here's a thought! We've been created by God in the spirit of God, in His likeness in order to experience life on Earth in a human format. Just as my computer and my laptop have the capability of being partitioned so that they can run programs compatible with two different operating systems, so has Almighty God, the Creator, the Source, partitioned a part of Itself in order to feed and gather information to and from another part or parts of Itself.

I give thanks to the wise teacher who put gifts in my hands that made it possible for me to understand the basics of the Divine Interaction between the Creator God and man. The wireless communication that we all enjoy today with television, cellphones and all other devices is made possible because of the laws that are governed, given order to and delivered (or given)in trust to us to use responsibly. We have an innate gift that is freely available to us. It is a wireless communication system to the One we call God.

We are all different and as devices in a human format we all have different ways of experiencing that communication.

Some of us choose to not bother to use the system because we think it doesn’t work.

Some of us choose to ignore it or block it out because it’s not what we want. Some of us would rather use one that’s designed for someone else and wonder why we don’t receive answers to our calls or why we can’t understand the message at all. Some of us just enjoy the tingle or the warm flow of energy that makes us aware that something is happening to encourage or warn us. Some of us hear or see clearly and yet sometimes we still get it wrong. The system is a guidance system and we need to take time to be still and allow the channel to be opened for the flow of energy and information to come through.

Our purpose is to be a source of information for the Creator to learn about how we act and react to different situations in life here on Earth. We are His eyes and ears and His sensory perceptors of what we experience on Earth. How we interact and what we put back into the environment and our relationships measures our true worth to the system as a whole. The universe is a network and a living symphony that provides its own server,a collective consciousness, that is the database for and of everything there is.

Our purpose is to be contributors to the system of universal knowledge that is the Collective Consciousness, and, in doing that we serve and honour ourselves. In that way, also, we are both creator and co-creator of our own destiny in a system that provides us with a guidance system and an achievable ‘goal model’. The system provides each soul with the blueprint it needs to grow through the first and second dimensional stages and into the third dimensional state.

The soul carries with it all the information in the Dynamic Numbering Array of the blueprint and the imprint of all the experiential knowledge that it stores. The soul is an electro-magnetic powerhouse that powers the electro-magnetic systems that included the chakra system and the auric display. The information is fed from and back to the soul which acts almost like a portable hard drive with its own backup system much like Apple’s Time Machine. Files can be accessed, sorted & retrieved & cleared and restored to the human cellular system and the DNA. The Dynamic Numbering Array of the blueprint is carried into the human DNA, which we know to be short for deoxyribonucleic acid.

Our purpose includes the return to the Source, the Creator of all love and light. The process allows us the opportunity to assimilate and re-integrate with the Source of all love and light. Aaaaah bliss…..!!!!

Ready for all our dreams to be real-ised in the state of Nirvana and through into the Halls of Shambala…..Ecstatic!!!……now there’s an interesting word!!!

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