What Is God?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

What Is God?

10 Feb 2019

The New Generation Church provides a platform for people to meet with others who are like minded & share a common need to broaden their outlook on how others perceive the spirit of God and universal values that link us all.

What I express in the chronicles that I post are not necessarily the views or beliefs of others in the church. They are expressions of how things have been given to me to consider as I walk my own path on my way to ‘Discovering Me’.

The teachings have been given in a way that allows me to consider my own developmental path and step out of a box that I felt did not satisfy my own needs as an average person experiencing life in a middle class, multi-cultural society.

I encourage you to take what you need from these posts and set aside things that don’t meet your expectations or your needs, but above all, think about how they might enhance what you already believe or experience, or confirm to you that you already have what you need.

Please don’t shoot the messenger - it may or may not be what you need!

What is God?

A question I asked myself many years ago while trudging the path on my way to Discovering Me, a journey that I’m still working on.

I remember asking ‘God, how can you be…God? How can you be everything all at one time to everyone & everything?’ It’s just all too much for to me to take in. It just blows my mind!’

These are the answers that came to me, not in just one session with my spiritual mentor, but over months and years in little bits that were easily digested and absorbed.

‘Think of it like this. God is energy! God is the energy of love! Energy flows and love is a positive energy that begins with a feeling. A feeling that begins when one feels a sense of pride perhaps, in what one has achieved or discovered about oneself. So if the energy that is LOVE has love for itself, then it can sense the absence of that feeling of love. Then perhaps we can accept that if this same energy we call LOVE has a awareness of the feeling of love as a warm and positive feeling then perhaps we can understand that it might want top re-create and pro-create that feeling and bring more warmth and positivity into its own awareness of itself.’

‘Now, if that loving and creative energy has an awareness of itself and the feeling that loving itself can produce and what it can create and re-create, then perhaps we can consider that the more it achieved and improved on what it already knew, the more intelligent it became. Because intelligence is the ability to firstly communicate with oneself and then engage in the process we know as thought. The ability to think gives rise to a desire to communicate and to express oneself in many different ways. Think about that!’

Well, I did think about that! And in doing so I understood how that applied to me and how a simple statement I’d once read made sense. God created man in HIs own likeness. I operate in a very similar way. When I feel good about what I’ve achieved or made, I feel good. And so, I want to re-produce and re-create that ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling that creativity brings to me. No matter what it is…. a cake, a meal, a garment sewn, a song sung or written, a job well done, brings a sense of completion and satisfaction that makes me want to improve on what it is I’ve made.

A creator is inspired as he grows and learns more about his own capabilities and learns how to refine his skills and spread his wings! It all made perfect sense to me. The hardest part for me was to understand that for God, unlike man, there is no beginning or no end. Well, that’s another story!

Over the months that turned to years that concept was brought back into view to review and to stamp indelibly into my memory. Then came my next question, ‘Well God, how can You be…? You know…..You have no form like I do?’

The answer came, once again, while in conference with my mentor. ‘Consider this,’ he said, ‘that God is energy. The energy of love that flows into and through everything there is. Does that not happen when you create something? Does the feeling of pride in something you’ve done well, not flow into the next work of art you create? Does a part of your essence not show in everything you create? When you sing, do you sound just like anyone else? When you cook and serve a meal, does it look and taste the same as when it’s cooked and served by someone else, even if they use same recipe. Yours will taste and be coloured by the flavour of you, that you put into it. It will show in the pride you’ve put into it, a part of yourself.’

‘There is a difference though’, he said. ‘You don’t have to worry about the laws that govern what you create. They’ve already been Divinely taken care of, they’ve already been worked through snd worked over and set in place.’

‘That is the governance over everything that has ever existed and will continue to bring credence to all that matters under universal law. The laws have been set in place to cover every action and to every action there is a re-action that occurs and we need laws to bring order to the space we have. Everything has its own time and its own space. Without laws there would be mayhem and chaos and it takes a Divine and Intelligent Mind to govern and to bring order and to devise a system that will allow it to view, to re-view and to assess all that is, so that it has its own self-generating and self-sustaining system that brings everything back to the Source and the continuum that is the process we call life and evolution’.

My next question was, ‘Well God, why do you call yourself God? Did you come up with that or is it something men dreamed up? I know you’re known by lots of different names by many different cultures’.

‘Think of the name God as an acronym, like this!’ As my mentor spoke to me I felt my hand pick up a pen and I wrote on the paper in front of me,

G overnance

O rdinance

D eliverance

‘Do you not think’, he said, ‘that there is a systematically organised body of knowledge that governs and brings order to all that is and can bring what you need into existence, if you allow it?’

I replied, ‘I guess so! So, are you saying that there is a science to all of this?’

‘Well, if science is a systematically organised body of knowledge on a particular subject, perhaps there is a systematically organised body of knowledge on all that is, do you think?’

Hmmmm, interesting, and food for thought!

The concept that the powerful energy that runs through the universe and all that’s in it, is intelligent, creative and loving and has made it possible for me to be a part of an engaging rhythm of life, fascinates me.

I like the concept of God being the governance, the ordinance and the deliverance of all that I need! That fascinates me!

I’m happy with that! So, that’s what God is to me!

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