We Are the World....!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

It's sad that our beautiful country has been thrown into the news by such a bloody act of terrorism. Here we have been, nestled in the safe isolation of the South Pacific sending out to the world some of the most talented and gifted people of their time for almost 150 years....or more, offering the world the most innovative technology and artistry, offering safe haven to so many who have needed shelter and succour and now we who have been so trusting of others to operate with good intent, have been shaken to our very core.

It has taken an act of bigotry carried out by someone who has slipped in 'under the radar' and used loopholes in our laws to real-ise his own misguided fantasies not just in our own back yards but in our living rooms for us to be remind to take a reality check and look within. We need to think about how each of us in our own small way has allowed this kind of hatred to fester and then explode... the cost is .... lives cut short, families who now have to live with memories of what happened on that terror filled day... disruption caused by an eruption of prejudice and discrimination in its ugliest form.

We have been raped of our innocence! Will we slip back into our sheltered nests and remind ourselves not to utter some of those derogatory remarks we know we've all times? Maybe they were just slips of the tongue or said jokingly.... I'm as guilty as anyone else who has the good sense to admit ... that he too has slipped and stood on his tongue still stuck under his foot.

How do we change the bigotry that still exists? Religion is not what separates us, or the colour of our skin, or our political views. Maybe it's the filters that we view life through. Maybe we need to focus on that after we've taken off each of those filters and looked again through the eyes or the lens of the child we once were ...... was there ever an age of innocence for that child ..... was it an age of innocence to love and to live or one that had to be endured? Who knows but our God and the child that lives within us all?

We are the world....we are the children ...we are the ones to make a brighter let's start giving .... there's a choice we're making ....... let's start by taking off the filters and looking within.

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