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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Have you ever considered what a privilege it is to be given the gift of individuality? Individuality is something that I cherished and set me apart from everyone else. My style and career, of course, were influenced by the many artists and talented people I grew up amongst. I accept that my style was something that influenced other people and they in turn, took something of what I had to offer and adapted it to make something that they could call their own. It takes all kinds of flavours and colours to create something new and when an artist can pull something out of another artists work and adapt it to suit his own style to enhance his own work then often a whole new genre of this art form can evolve.

I ask, is it right to take da Vinci's Mona Lisa and paint nice flowers into the background because that's what you feel will sell more tickets to your ladies group's art exhibition? Do you think Leonardo da Vinci would be appreciative of your titivating with his work? He might have once painted over a few paintings we now call masterpieces, but that was his choice! Does it give any of us the right to alter what he has created for resale? Do we have the right to exhibit something he might have rejected? Anyone who thinks they have the right to do this perhaps should try to copying or emulating the work of another person and see if it sells by its own merits.

Just in case any one has any doubts, I am referring to the release of works that I did not authorise to be released and the altering of the flavour of work that has already sold millions of recorded copies in their original format. My former wife seems to think that she needs to earn more money by adding her own 'enhancements' to my work by introducing other artists to perform in support of what I was already happy with. Do you think she is aware that she could, in effect, be changing the perception of generations of fans to come who may not understand that her will was not mine.

I have considered that if I had access to the recording studios and the technological advancements of today, then perhaps the sound and flavours produced would have been a little different but she has to consider that my work was indicative of the time I lived in and what I had to work with.

Elvis is not and never was Priscilla. Priscilla is and never was a singer or a producer and mixing with talented people does not make her an artist - a business woman working for a dollar, maybe. If there ever was a Mrs da Vinci, does it make her capable of enhancing Leonardo's work? If she did, no matter how good she or others around her might have thought it was, do you think Leonardo would have been pleased just because she thought she could have pulled in a few more lira by updating his flavour with hers??? I don't think so!

Now that I have the opportunity to express myself, like never before, I ask why does Priscilla feel she needs to wear my name as a badge of honour when she has had several relationships since our separation and one of them longer than she ever lived with me? I would prefer that she used her own name since we were only married for a few short years.

Each of us has been given a wonderful opportunity to experience life and find where our own talents lie. May every man be free to be creative and express himself and in his own art artform so that it can stand on it's own merit. When is enough money ever enough for some people?

I've learned since passing into the next 'realm of possibility' that God had for me, that in His infinite wisdom He gave me a place to learn and to grow so that I could bring something back to Him when I came to understand that He wanted me to be.......the 'Real Me'........the me that's inside of Me! He wanted me to realise was that my reality was the place where I could be 'ME!'.

Now when I sing 'The Wonder of You' I know that a whole new 'me' has emerged and I give thanks to God for the privilege of having recorded this song, for it being so successful and for being blessed with knowing that God is my King. He is the One who leads me and guides to places I need to be. I ask that you take a few moments to read through the words below, find the lyrics that ring true to you, and if you're a purist like I am, find one of my original recordings of this song and sing it with me. Don't let others try to change the flavours of you. Only you and God can change you.........

Make God smile and let Him see The Wonder of You in the things that you can do.

The Wonder of You

Recorded by Elvis Presley

written by Baker Knight

When no-one else can understand me

When everything I do is wrong

You give me hope and consolation

You give me strength to carry on

And You're always there to lend a hand

In everything I do

That's the wonder, the wonder of You

And when You smile the world is brighter

You touch my hand and I'm a king

Your love for me is worth a fortune

Your love for me is everything

I guess I'll never know the reason why

You love me as You do

That's the wonder, the wonder of You

I guess I'll never know the reason why

You love me as You do

That's the wonder, the wonder of You

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