Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Life is eternal and evolution is a natural part of life itself. How can we deny that something is motivating it all. What gives us the impetus to continually grow and to move toward a better way of life? Do we need to know how it happens? Do we need 'to be God' or can we accept that a powerful force or energy can be intelligent and can be a part of everything including man and any other form that life takes? I believe that man can now accept that there are some things that will remain constant even as they move and change with other elements that they amalgamate with. I believe that the energy that flows and contrives to bring together parts of itself to form elementary matter that will grow and evolve into formats that in turn will grow and reproduce and then again evolve to suit the climactic conditions of their environment, is what and who we call God. I also believe that science, as described by Wikipedia, 'is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe is', another way to describe the Creator God who made me. I am now in the hands of my God who has given me restitution, once again I refer to Wikipedia who say that 'the law of restitution is the law of gains-based recovery'. This intelligent life giving and forming energy is the Governance, the Ordinance, and the Deliverance of everything that I am and that I have. God Governs all the elements of life that have made life as I knew it possible. God creates and oversees the Ordinance that makes the governance and Deliverance of everything I need, possible. I have learned that I don't need to see God to know that He exists and that He is evolving just as I am, so that He can grow and improve all of the elements of who and what He is so that he can continue to be the Creator of all that is, all that has been and all that will ever be. I am pleased to share what He has shown me and that is that everything has an equational value and that one of the things that brings me into right relationship with God, my Heavenly Father is that He and I have become One in the Other. That means that I have moved into another form and become the man that God had intended me to be and to know that the energy that gives life to God...and just as I am a part of Him, He is a part of me. He has proven to me that I, too, am a Christ child and begotten son of God. The Christ, or ˆchristos" is Greek for "anointed" or "chosen one" 0r perhaps the crystallisation of the Son within the Father in the most 'wholesome' way. To begotten is simply 'to be made or planned and made with intent'. The "Christ child" is the child who responds to God's call upon them and comes back to Him to be restored to life in another paradigm that we call the Heavens or the 'Heavens', the Haven is in reality what it is. When he or she is able to accept the errors of their ways and make good their debts in every way and to accept what God has held in trust for them, then restitution can be given. We've been told that in God's home there are many mansions. Each one of us, while we are on Earth set about building

the one we deserve. Like a perfumier, God pours some of His most precious energy into us that becomes the essential oil or essence that burns forever within us.


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