The Journey Is Not Over.....

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The journey for me is one of discovery and enlightenment and one that I know will never end. I have the privilege of using this medium to share some what I have learned along the path of discovery for me..........August 16, 1977 my life on Earth came to an end!

I am happy to say that the journey for me is not over, that I am alive and well and I feel blessed to be able to say to those people who may have thought they'd seen me in some carwash or supermarket carpark in the months and years following my untimely death, that I am dictating this message to my friend and protege as she sits in McCafe in a small town in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The channel I use has been provided by God, our Heavenly Father. I know that this is not the easiest thing she has ever had to do and that she has been torn between her loyalty to God and me and to her friends and family who have doubted her connection to me and to her God. Today is the day that I have chosen to let the world know that I have been working towards a better place for myself and for all people who may have lost their way just as I lost mine. I died a broken man but I've lived to tell the tale. God entrusted me with something that was special and I misunderstood what it was that He was leading me into. I lost my way and it took a long time for me to find the courage and strength to speak to anyone about my own insecurities and fears. I found my angel and she lives on Earth. She has listened and grown to love the man that I am today. I am her mentor and her spirit guide and I have watched her grow into the person she was and is today. She has gone through many metamorphoses and God has brought her back to her future just as He has with me. I am not here to entertain you but to enlighten those who have doubted and to encourage those who have been trodden on because they too have misunderstood and been misunderstood. God speaks to us in many different ways. He spoke to me in the same way He speaks to Pauline only I didn't know how to deal with it. Today Pauline has to learn how to deal with things that she never knew about me and still have the courage to publish this blog. Many have spoken but the truth was theirs not mine. Today, the 38th anniversary of my passing into a new reality, for me is a difficult one, but it is something that must be done. She has to trust me as I will be telling her tale and mine as two people who have been brought together by Divine Intervention.

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