Hello! My name is Pauline!


Every life is important and we all need help and encouragement to activate the power that resides within us all so that we can lead a rich and fulfilling life. 

I enjoy reading for  my clients in the privacy & comfort of my home studio in Papamoa. 

Something quite powerful happens when two people meet for the sole purpose of connecting heart, mind & soul!  

Although today's technology enables us to conduct consultations online, it's not always easy to prevent distractions.    If your desire to seek guidance is worth taking the time to find the right reader then follow your heart's desire for you to have my undivided attention...you're worth it!

I have been entrusted with a gift that I treasure and I take that responsibility seriously.  

So, if life is puzzling you right now & you're needing a little guidance, take a leap of faith & push the button below...............